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The results are exceptional, and I have received very positive comments about my appearance.

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The results are exceptional, and I have received very positive comments about my appearance.

Dear Dr. Blair:

The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude for the services that were provided to me before, during, and after my facial enhancement surgery. The results are exceptional, and I have received very positive comments about my appearance. Attached is the survey. In addition, the following statements stand out in my mind in regard to your patient care:

Personalized attention from you, Dr. Blair. I feel that your years of experience, wisdom, and success with facial cosmetic surgery were major factors in my positive results. In addition, during this experience, I felt that it was important to you to be precise in your procedures and sanitary in your surgical room. As a physician, you were confident, highly competent, and yet personable and down to earth.
Personalized attention from your team. I was impressed that your assistants were focused on my care throughout this experience. How unique and what exemplary helpmates you have!

  1. Communication before the surgery via emails with Marlena. I was able to ask procedural and technical questions about all aspects of my surgery.
  2. Consultation prior to the surgery made to accommodate my schedule. Since I was driving a long distance and had never been to your location, my consultation was scheduled by Marlena to assist me with not having to make several different trips from home.
  3. Availability of motel near your office. I was able to stay at Winfield Motel at a discounted price for several nights. The motel was close to your office which made it convenient and easy to access. I was told of the motel by Marlena.
  4. Communication with your office by phone assisting me with directions en route to your office. When I was trying to find your office, I misinterpreted a road sign based upon Mapquest directions. I called your office, and the staff assisted me by giving me building names and landmark structures that I would pass that would enable me to locate your office more easily. Using these direction, I was able to fine your office.
  5. Greeting by office staff. Your staff demonstrated courteous and helpful assistance. For example, your office staff allowed me to charge my cell phone during a follow up visit which occurred during and electrical storm outage at my home.
  6. 24 hour assistance available. The fact that I could call and reach you and/or your staff relieved much anxiety for me.
  7. Assistance with transportation by Marlena. Amazing. Marlena drove me to my motel and then came the next day and picked me up. Words cannot express my gratitude for this kindness. I must say that I am forever indebted to her for this.
  8. The fact that you called me to see how I was on the evening of the surgery as I was in my motel room. You, the doctor, actually made the phone call. Amazing.
  9. Phone calls as reminders of appointments. This helped keep me on tract with appointments, as well as, the reminder appointment cards given in the office.
  10. Oral and written directions provided on things I needed to know before, during and after the surgery. Debbie and Marlena were very helpful with explaining and clarifying what I need to do throughout this experience.
  11. Warm and professional health environment.

Again, I thank you and your staff for serving my needs during this important time in my life. I will be recommending you to individuals in this party of the state. I wish you well.


January 23, 2017

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Paul A. Blair, M.D.