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Below are some questions that we are asked frequently.

We encourage you to contact our office with your specific questions if they are not covered here. Please note that the information provided here is primarily aimed at helping prospective patients but by no means should this information be taken as specific medical advice. We highly recommend consulting with Dr. Blair in person for specific information and personal medical advice prior to making any decisions regarding plastic surgery.


Is Dr. Blair Board Certified and what is his extent of training?

Dr. Blair is double board certified. He is board certified in facial and reconstructive surgery as well as otolaryngology- head and neck surgery. His training and 30+ years of practice all have been exclusively in the face and neck.

Can my surgery be done in the office or do I have to go to the operating room?

You have the option of either going to the operating room or having your surgery in the office. Most people choose the office for privacy, convenience, and cost. However, the occasional person wants to be put to sleep which needs to be done in the operating room at the hospital or surgery center.

Does Dr. Blair have hospital privileges?

Dr. Blair has hospital privileges to perform all facial plastic procedures for those that are interested in general anesthesia.

How many surgeries has he performed?

Dr. Blair has been in practice now for over 30 years and has performed thousands of facial plastic procedures.

What is the most common procedure performed in this office?

Dr. Blair’s most commonly performed surgical procedure is the facelift followed by eyelids and forehead lift.

Does insurance cover any procedures?

If medically indicated, upper eyelid surgery may be covered under some insurance plans. However, Dr. Blair does not participate with ANY insurance companies.

What age is an acceptable time frame to start having procedures or treatments?

This depends on the area that the client feels a need to improve. Cosmetic nasal surgery can be indicated in the early 20’s. Botox can be started in the 20’s. Laser treatments for certain conditions can be appropriate in childhood. Facelifts, eyelid surgery as well as forehead procedures can be started in the 40’s and above. However, each individual is unique and a consultation can help determine the appropriateness for each person and procedure.

Do you have any accommodations for out of town clients?

Yes, we have made arrangements with a local hotel which offers a discount and special amenities for our clients.

Can I finance my cosmetic procedure?

Yes, we work with Care Credit who will help with financing your procedure. or

Does plastic surgery leave any visible scarring?

The body always heals an incision with a scar. Cosmetic surgeons always focus on placing incisions where the scars will heal well with the least amount of visibility. In general, Dr. Blair informs patients that after surgery if they are looking for a scar they will find it, but if you are not looking for a scar they are usually hard to see.

Paul A. Blair, M.D.