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I am glad I had the procedure done.

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I am glad I had the procedure done.

I am writing to people considering having a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Blair. I had surgery on my jaw and neck area seven weeks ago and am very pleased with the results.

Dr. Blair talked to me a couple of times before I decided to actually schedule an appointment for the procedure. He answered all of my questions. The surgery itself does not take very long and you are awake the whole time. It was not very painful at all during the procedure. I was probably at the office under two hours that day. The staff is very friendly and you are told to call if you have any questions or problems after the procedure is done.

After I ha the procedure I went home with a friend. I did have swelling and quite a bit of bruising, which mostly healed up after the first couple of weeks. They tell you, that your face will appear to be overdone due to swelling for the first week, and I found that to be true. After you get the stitches out it seems to heal faster. There is some discomfort after you have it done but it is really not too bad.

I am glad I had the procedure done. I am 62 and it shaved off at least a dozen years from my appearance. Friends and family think it made a big difference in a positive way. I would recommend having a face lift with dr. Blair and his staff if you are considering a procedure. I think they make every effort to be helpful and do a good job.


January 23, 2017

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Paul A. Blair, M.D.