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Chin Implants (Augmentation)

Chin Implant Before and After Photos

Chin Implants Before and After Hurricane, WV

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A small chin can make even the most balanced face look less harmonious. A prominent nose will look even more so with a receding (weak) chin.

Can a weak chin be improved with an implant?

Chin implantation creates a pleasing balanced profile by inserting a medical-grade material to advance a recessed chin. An implant is frequently used to improve a “weak” chin that may be the result of long term nasal blockage, enlarged adenoids, dental problems or heredity. This surgery improves facial harmony and often results in increased self-confidence. It is one of the more gratifying procedures in facial profile correction. The improvement can be dramatic.

How does the implant work in the chin?

Recent improvements in surgical materials have resulted in implants that become incorporated into the chin tissue. Shortly after implantation, the materials become attached to the surrounding tissue. Implants are available in many shapes and sizes so the procedure can be customized for each patient. Dr. Paul Blair will make recommendation for the most effective implant material to meet you personal desire. Materials that compose the implants have been used for many years and are considered very safe.

How does Dr. Blair decide on the best implant?

During consultation, Dr. Blair analyzes the chin and jaw to determine if an implant will improve the facial profile. In considering the profile, the chin projection should usually be even with or slightly in front of a line drawn downward from the lower lip. A well-defined chin gives balance to the face and creates a major portion of the profile. Dr. Blair may recommend a chin implant along with nose surgery, facelift, or facial liposuction. This recommendation is made because he does not consider the chin as an isolated structure, but as an important feature of the face. The combination of procedures may result in better facial harmony.

How is the chin surgery performed?

At Our Facial Plastic Surgery, a chin implant is performed by using local anesthesia with I.V. sedation or general anesthesia. A small incision is made either in the natural crease line just under the chin or inside the mouth just above where gum and lower lip meet. The implant is inserted into a small space that is created by the surgeon then fine sutures are used to close the incision. If the incision is inside the mouth, no external scarring is visible. If the incision is under the chin, the scar fades over time, becoming nearly imperceptible.

How long does it take for the healing to be complete?

Immediately after the procedure, Dr. Blair may apply a pressure bandage that is removed in the office the day after the surgery. After the pressure bandage is removed, there may be tape over the incision. This tape stays in place for five to seven days and is removed at the next office visit. Recovery is rapid although there is mild to moderate discomfort that is controlled with prescribed medications. Chewing is limited immediately after chin implant surgery, and a liquid or soft food diet is required for several days. Some activities, such as lifting and bending are limited for several days following the procedure. Facial expressions are also restricted to avoid slippage of the implant for 2 – 4 weeks.

How do I schedule a consultation for a chin augmentation?

If you feel that you are unhappy with your chin or its relationship with your face, we recommend that you contact our office today. Call our office (304) 201-3223 click to contact us.

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Dr. Paul Blair

Dr. Paul A. Blair is Medical Director of his facial plastic surgery practice and Alex Alexa MediSpa in Hurricane, West Virginia. He is double board-certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Blair is a highly respected and experienced cosmetic facial rejuvenation surgeon. His years of experience, training, and surgical skills combined with his artistic vision allows for his patients to achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results. If you desire to rejuvenate your facial appearance with advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments in a relaxed and supportive environment, schedule your consultation with Dr. Paul Blair.

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