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…she was soooo thrilled

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…she was soooo thrilled

Hi Marlena,

My friend called last night and said she finally came to see you all… she was going to another doctor and I told her to come to you guys before she went there to talk with Dr. Blair before she made a decision… I told her about our (mine and my sisters’) Lifestyle Lift and she had never heard of it and I told her it was the best thing since sliced bread! LOL! When she called last night she was soooo thrilled and said she has an appointment for the 17th of Dec. and was cancelling with the other doctor today and she thanked me for telling her about this. She said she loved you all and felt so comfortable and asked if I would come with her on the 17th and I told her I would if my mom was ok as she is having a really hard time with congestive heart faliure. Just thought it was nice to hear the good stuff as I know there have to be some real cranks that can come in. LOL

She said you both were wonderful and Dr. Blair was a hoot!!

Have a great day.

VF January 12, 2017

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Paul A. Blair, M.D.