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Dr. Paul A. Blair, M.D. – perfect!

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Dr. Paul A. Blair, M.D. – perfect!

Hi, if you are reading this you have made the “first step” of making a decision that will literally “change you.” I am talking inside as well as out! Every time I looked into the mirror I was saddened to see jowls, sagging neck and excessive skin hooding my eyes – it was too soon for me to begin looking this old! So after extensive consideration I decided to “explore: having my face “lifted” and possibly an upper eyelid lift. Now, where to do this? I knew I wanted a board certified plastic surgeon so I began my “search” and “research” using criteria I had personally set which brought me to Dr. Paul A. Blair, M.D. – perfect!

I scheduled my consultation, cancelled it two times (lol) but always scheduled. Finally I am sitting with Marlena who explained the procedure and answered my questions. She assured me she would be there for me, and she was, when I called (several times) or emailed she always promptly called me back, answered my emails timely and always followed through on what she promised.

Dr. Blair cam in with an upbeat professional manner, examined me and with his “expert eye,” listened to my concerns and explained the procedures and options he thought would benefit me. While talking with Dr. Blair 9actually I was evaluating and “sizing” him up) my fears seemed to subside and I felt the confidence and trust it would take to “hand” him MY FACE!

Prior to the procedure I received instructions, dos and don’ts before the surgery. Which I did exactly! Procedure day is here…. I was met and taken back by Debbie, whom is soft spoken and knowing my nervousness offered up reassurance and compassion while collecting more information and giving me instructions on what’s next and what to do and expect afterwards. She assisted Dr. Blair during the procedure, she held my hand (not literally, but I would say she would have if I had asked) and took very good care of me.

I don’t really know what I was expecting the lifting surgery “to be,” and it surprised me somewhat but “it is what it is,” but never for a minute did I lose my confidence in Dr. Blair! He worked diligently, seriously, with an experienced and steady hand so that I would get the best results of his talent! That night I called their 24 hour hot line, left a message and Dr. Blair, personally, returned my call within 20 minutes! So be assured that the care you receive extends beyond their office walls!

The healing process went just as they said! A little slower maybe but I had no pain what-so-ever! Everyday my face emerged a little more into a younger looking, no sag ME!! No turkey neck, you could actually see my eyelids, jowls? What jowls? I will admit that it all was a little more than what I had “bargained for,” or expected, but the results are AWESOME!! And for these results – I would do it all over again!

It’s worth it girlfriend! The whole “journey” is worth it! You have chosen the best Dr. with a wonderful supporting staff who has the experience, the talent, the compassion to take you to an end result beyond your hopes and expectations! Go for it!


January 26, 2017

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Paul A. Blair, M.D.